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Saba Foundation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Facebook Web Site: {odml{}}
Email: Cassandra Holm {odml{}}, Evette Peterson {odml{}}
Emails are answered within 24 hours.
Phone: Cassandra Holm {odml{tel:+721 522 – 2637}}, Evette Peterson {odml{tel:+599 416–5104}} or {odml{tel:+599 416–5107}}, Suzan: {odml{tel:+599 416–7451}}

The Saba FPCA is a small organization with 5 – 6 volunteers. Every 6 – 8 weeks a vet flies in from Sint Maarten to treat animals and to spay and neuter free of charge. Abandoned animals, abused animals and emergencies are placed in foster homes and treated until they can be re-homed. The biggest problem is the lack of a clinic and a shelter and the Saba FPCA, totally depending on donations and small government subsidys, are struggling to raise the funds for that. If you visit Saba don’t miss to contact the Saba FPCA and support their great work with a donation.

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