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Asociación de los Amigos por los Animales de Sosúa

The A.A.A.S was established in July 1998 by Judith Liggio,…


…who had come to the Dominican Republic 1996, working some time for Dr. Robert Amelingmeir before opening Judy’s Pet Lodge which, besides boarding paying guests, offers also constantly a temporary home to numerous rescued dogs awaiting adoption.

Judy's Pet Lodge

Kathryn Neal, who spent the last 20 years of her life in the Dominican Republic, and, being appalled by the fate of many Dominican stray dogs, mobilized other residents to engage in Humane work. With her aid the construction of the A.A.A.S spay and neuter clinic…

neuter clinic - the beginning
…was begun 2005…

neuter clinic
…and completed 2007.

In August 2007 the first spay and neuter operative took place. Since then many hundreds of animals have been spayed and neutered here. Veterinarians throughout the world are invited to come and help as volunteers.

clinic clinic clinic

The clinic is equipped with 2 operating tables, 2 anesthesia machines and an autoclave to sterilize instruments. A pre-OP team prepares the animals for surgery and a post-OP team monitors their recovery. A qualified anesthetist is available to assist veterinarians during operations. Lots of instruments and medical supplies are being donated to the A.A.A.S, however, they are always very grateful when visiting vets bring some supplies with them. The A.A.A.S can provide accommodation and a recreational program for the vets. European vets wanting to come to Sosúa may benefit from the funding program of the Association for Aid and Support of the Creole dogs: We pay up to 50% of the flight costs.

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All of the projects the Association for Aid and Support of Creole dogs has been participating in by sending either vets or donations, you will find under - Spay And Neuter Clinics and archives

Kathryn Neal didn’t live to see the tremendous success of the clinic which was named Linda after the first dog she rescued from the beach, however her belief “that one of the most effective ways of improving the quality of life of all local animals is to promote free spay and neuter programs in order to reduce the number of abandoned and homeless puppies and kittens and to control the spread of transmissible diseases” lives on. This belief is shared deeply by us, so we will do everything in our power to aid the A.A.A.S in their efforts to make this dream come true.

In memory of Kathryn Neal the Kathryn Neal Animal Relief Fund was founded 2007 seated in the United States, which continuously provides fundings and support to the A.A.A.S clinic.

Hundreds of animals of poor families are being treated and vaccinated in the clinic each year without charge; their families are being helped with pet food, medication and advice how to care for their pet.

A foster program has been started, providing food, de-wormer, vaccinations, castration and regular controls through volunteers, for animals taken care of by Dominican families who like to have a pet but can’t afford it.

This program enables the A.A.A.S to place more strays into the community and offers a great chance to teach local people the right attitude towards animals.

No possibility is missed to teach young people the right understanding and treatment of animals.

teaching teaching

In the community outreach program, over 500 hundred free roaming animals are being monitored by volunteers, who treat them regularly against parasites and worms and keep an eye on likely candidates for the next operative.

The A.A.A.S is constantly trying to raise funds through charity events and contests. March 2010 a thriftstore was opened in the shopping zone of Sosua’s tourist area. It helps towards covering the clinic’s regular expenses.

second hand shop second hand shop

Drop by on your next visit the Dominican Republic or visit Judy’s Pet Lodge in Sosua. They are located on the Sosua-Cabarete highway next to the Coastal Gas Station. Maybe the pet of your life time is waiting there! (All travel preparations for adopted animals are being taken care of)

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