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Our association was founded in August 2005 with seat in Eichendorf, Germany. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Our purpose is to help stray cats and dogs and animals of poor people in the Caribbean.

Our concept consists of 3 programs:

  • Spay and Neuter:

    Organizing and carrying out spay and neuter operatives for strays and animals of poor owners.

  • Tourism and Animal welfare:

    Informing tourists about the mass poisonings taking place regularly because it is believed that strays might disturb the tourists.

    Offering tourists means of protest and animal-friendly alternatives as holiday destinations.

    Utilizing the possibilities of tourism as an economic force to impress upon authorities and tourist industry the fact that most tourists wish humane treatment of animals.

    Offering hotels and touristic enterprises spay and neuter campaigns as humane and effective means to control stray animal populations and further care and monitoring of the animals at feeding stations including medical care.

  • Humane Education for local people:

    School programs to teach children and adolescents empathy and kindness towards animals.

    Recreational activities (for example dog schools) with animals for children, adolescents and also adults to teach the right treatment and care of animals.

    Integration of local people into animal welfare activities in their communities such as fostering animals and maintaining feeding stations and antiparasitical programs.


Role models for the individual parts of the concept have to be established first before the final goal, to realize all programs in one place so they all interact with one another and achieve combined the maximum impact and efficiency. This location can then also serve as training opportunity for other islands.

Isabel Gorski-Grobe, founder and president of the
Association for Aid and Support of Creole Dogs Inc.

Claudia Rieß
Claudia Rieß, vice president of the Association for Aid and Support of Creole Dogs Inc and founder of the cat hospice in Nürnberg

Marianne Hecke
Marianne Hecke, treasurer

Claudia Kollmannsperger, secretary

Contact us:

Verein zur Hilfe und Förderung des kreolischen Hundes e. V.
(The Association for the Aid and Support of Creole Dogs)
Isabel Gorski-Grobe
Greinöd 4
94428 Eichendorf

phone 0049 (0) 9952 2311