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Tourism and Animal welfare in the Carribean

When you spend your holidays in the Caribbean you will meet a lot of stray dogs and cats, as in all southern vacation spots.

Their fate touches the heart of every animal lover.

The animals survive by getting fed from animal-loving tourists…

…and from the edible waste of the affluent in garbage bins
and bags luring the animals with irresistible odors.

But these plentiful resources hold great, even deadly dangers for the strays.

Not all tourists are friends of animals. Some feel disturbed by the friendly dogs or are scared of them.

And their habit to knock over garbage bins, tear up sacks and scatter the garbage while searching for food causes great annoyance among restaurant owners, hotel managers and operators of touristic enterprises. Therefore strays are still seasonally poisoned in far too many places to reduce their numbers temporarily. And that is why the work in the field of tourism belongs indispensibly to a sustainable animal welfare work in all southern countries where tourism is an important part of the economy.

The tourist is the key to the success of animal welfare in the Caribbean!

Caribbean economy depends to 100 % on tourism. Therefore tourists do have the power to change the situation of Caribbean strays if they raise their voice loudly and clearly enough! Visit our site Animal-friendly hotels in the Caribbean and book the hotel for your next Caribbean vacation among those that already support animal welfare efforts on their island. Let them know that exactly that was the reason for your choice and for recommending them to friends, and write a positive review on a well-known travel site like tripadvisor; just like you should in the opposite case tell hotel managers and owners of enterprises related to tourism that you won't return or recommend them because of animal-unfriendliness , and leave a post about the matter on tripadvisor.

Support local animal welfare with a donation! On our site Animal welfare addresses in the Caribbean you find the organization closest to your vacation spot.

Show during your holidays a responsable behaviour when encountering strays!

Never take an animal with you to your hotel…

…or feed animals in or near a restaurant…

…and don't encourage them to share your sun lounger or beach towel with you.

That is the wrong way to show your love for animals! These animals that have gained confidence in humans and seek their attention and help are the first victims of poisonings.

Pay also attention to the waste you produce and take care that not too many edibles end un the garbage.

If you meet an animal during your holidays that needs help don't look away!

Contact the animal welfare organization nearest to you and/or Be aware of the fact that a rescue is only possible if you are willing to cover the costs for the rescue as the local animal welfare organizations are overwhelmed wirh daily emergencies but can generate hardly any donations on the islands. Never feed an animal during your vacation and leave it behind uncared for!

If you take care of an animal during your vacation and want to foster it…

…or if you fall in love with an animal and want to adopt it make sure it has a foster place BEFORE you leave the island!

Contact the animal welfare organizations nearby and contact We are glad to help you every step of the way with all questions that arise while preparing an animal for the import into the European Union or another country. Especially imports from so-called not listed third countries are time-taking and not inexpensive but always possible and worthwhile as you can see at our site Success Stories (soon coming).

As animal lover you should also observe the following during your vacation:

Don’t let yourself be photographed with parrots, monkeys or other wild animals. Dont ride on any kind of animal or let yourself get drawn in a cart pulled by horses, donkeys, mules… Don’t visit oceanariums. All these animals suffer tremendously in this business with tourists. They are not kept appropriate to their species, exploited, mistreated, abused, undernourished, not to speak about medical care!