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Spay And Neuter Clinics 2010


Spay and Neuter clinic with Heike Müller

07/30 - 08/06/2010

Of course we wanted to send also in 2010 agains vets from Germany to the Caribbean. To advertise this we designed an exposé about our work including the spay and neuter clinics we had so far participated in, either through financial support or by sending doctors, and send it in the beginning of 2010 to many German veterinaries and animal clinics. Heike Müler, veterinary from the animal hospital Bergstrasse, was the first to follow our call. Her employer, befriended colleagues and pharmacies were incredibly generous and donated medicaments, instruments, suture, drapes and bandages worth 900 Euro. Heike Müller flew to Puerto Plata with 61 kilos of medical supplies. Between July 30th and August 6th Heike Müller spayed and neutered 36 animals, 17 bitches, 9 males, 6 queens and 2 toms.

Heike Müller
Heike Müller
Heike Müller

Wolfgang, Judy's German boxfriend, who took the same plane as Heike Müller, took care that the recreational part wasn't nglected during Heike's stay. On her way back Heike was accompanied by little Bonita, a puppy which had been rescued by the German tourist Marcus Speh in January 2010 at Bonita Beach near Las Terrenas. Marcus, being in love with his puppy, wouldn't giver her up for no reason in the world and asked us for help to get Bonita to Germany. This was our first encounter with the difficult procedures of importing a dog from outside the EU. After having spent half a year at Judy's Pet Lodge and having passed all the necessary tests, Bonita could finally fly to Germany with Heike and was met at the airport by Marcus who was at that moment the happiest man in the world…

Bonita has now her own homepage http://bonitas.hunde-homepage.com/, where we can follow her progress. Heike will come back. Next time her mum wants to come along for a vacation after having heard all the wonderful stories about the Dominican Republic…

The first educational clinic with Dr. Claire Clooney

06/07- 06/18/2010

A very special clinic took place in Sosúa from June 7th til June 18th 2010: Dr. Claire Clooney from Canada taught 2 young Dominican vets and 4 students how to spay and neuter in the best possible way, fast and safe for the animals.

Doctors and students

Dr. Robert Amelingmeier, who often helps with difficult surgeries, assisted…

Dr. Robert Amelingmeir

…as well as Dr. Werner who had come to the Dom. Rep. from the States with a group of students for a rabies vaccination campaign. 10 days, from Monday to Friday, the young vets and students worked side by side with experienced veterinarians.

Doctors and students Doctors and students
They were all very motivated and enthusiastic.

Doctors and students Doctors and students

67 animals were spayed and neutered during this time, 39 bitches, 17 males, 8 queens and 3 toms. One of the participating young vets, Giselle Drasantosdiaz from Santo Domingo, wants to put into practice at home what she has learnt in Sosúa, and plans her own spay and neuter clinics in Santo Domingo Special thanks to Gabriele Mertens, Margot Weiner, H. Kuchel, Gerda Precking, Erika Csatlos, Christine Elbe, the Rottaler Tierfreunde, Marion Krah, Helga-Martina Zander, Martina Patterson and Ute Gerling whose donations helped to realize this project.

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Spay and neuter clinic with Diane Levitan

01/26 - 01/29/2010

As promised, Dr. Diane Levitan was back in Sosúa from January 26th to January 29th and spayed and neutered 36 bitches, 7 males, 5 queens and 4 toms. With the help of our faithful donators we could send 300 Euro to the A.A.A.S to help support this clinic.

Here the photos of the clinic with Dr. Diane Levitan:

Spay and neuter clinics 2010 - the donators

Andrea Müller

Renate und Werner Wegner

Evelyn Schell

Renate Schad

Marion Krah

Bruno Pauliks

Anita Konzack

Ingrid Gögelein

Marleen Heinrich

Gabriele Wildfeuer

Ute Gerling

Thank you very much!

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